Welcome to Papakowhai School


The Board of Trustees and Staff warmly welcome you to Papakowhai School.

At Papakowhai School we believe in child-centred learning.

  • Where learning is valued and enjoyed.
  • Where children are helped to grow from where they are at.
  • Where learning is success-oriented.
  • Where children are involved in their learning and a balance of academic, social, physical, cultural and creative activities are pursued within a supportive environment.

 At Papakowhai School we actively encourage parental involvement and support.

Parent participation in their children’s learning is strongly encouraged; and the Staff welcomes and appreciates the expertise, enthusiasm and support parents bring to our school.

Our aim is to work together to achieve the best possible education for our children.


Na maua noa, na


Gary Tonkin                                                                   Mark Smith

BOARD CHAIRPERSON                                                   PRINCIPAL